Friday, August 24, 2007

Romantic or Fun! Anniversary Ideas

Since we just celebrated our anniversary, I thought it would be fun to share some ideas of how we have celebrated over the years. I have been asked in the past, by young marrieds short on funds how we have made our anniversary celebrations special. Since often we have not had much money, some of my ideas are inexpensive! Other years, there has been a little extra, so some of my ideas reflect that as well. I would love to hear how others have creatively, romantically spent their anniversaries.

  • An evening out with Scottish food (also known as McDonalds! :-D)
  • A couple of good cuts of steak, BBQ'd, corn on the cob, salad, and homemade strawberry shortcake for dessert (or Huckleberry cheesecake! YUMMY!!)
  • An air mattress out in the back yard ~ to spend time enjoying each other. ;-)
  • A late dessert/tea with the good dishes after the children are in bed
  • A night away at a nice hotel/bed and breakfast
  • An afternoon yard-saling
  • Tea and an afternoon of antiquing (we have done this several years) ~ and I should add, we don't buy, we just enjoy wandering through the various shops, talking as we go
  • A weekend away thrift shopping! (Can you tell I love to shop???)
  • Pizza out (For several years, when we were fairly newlywed, and pretty poor, our "traditional" dinner was Godfather's Pizza)
  • A candlelit evening in our bedroom ~ complete with beverage of choice, romantic music, and yummy dessert

So, there are just a few ideas. What suggestions would you give to a young couple wanting to make their anniversary special? Please share!

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thehappypetersons said...

In a way, this is just tacky, silly, and cheap. But--when we were first married and didn't have much money, we did this several times and I have very warm memories of it! We went to the greeting card section of a store together, browsed the cards (seperately) and then showed each other the cards we would have liked to buy for each other. Not only is it not expensive, but it can take some pressure off a husband who might not get around to planning ahead or making/buying a card on his own. Corney--yes, but cheap and fun too.