Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

Well, I meant to post earlier today, but I ran out of time! Thursday's are Kathleen's piano lessons, so I was gone part of the morning, and after getting home, I spent most of the afternoon in our bedroom, getting things straightened up.

Bedroom's seem to be one of those "problem" areas that are difficult to keep tidy, because they end up being the depository for all the odds and ends! So, I decided that in order to have a truely romantic evening, our room needed to be neatened (is that a word?) up.

My Beloved came home from work a little early, and we took our oldest son, and his friend out on a "double date". We went to a nice restaurant for an early dinner, stopped and picked up a movie to bring home to everyone else, and came home.

Now, I have candles lit in our bedroom, a pot of herbal tea brewing, a couple of pieces of Turtle Cheesecake, cut and on china, and a bottle of Raspberry sparkling juice ready to go up to our room. We'll have a private dessert and some romance! A nice way, I think, to end our Valentine's Day.

I hope you all had a wonderful, romantic time with your beloved.


Martha A. said...

How do you deal with having children and them knowing you are having a romantic time alone together? Do you get interruptions?

Mrs. Dole said...

Hi Martha~
We are at the point where we have older children who can "babysit", if necessary. We have been talking about having a regular "date night" just up in our room ~ we'll have to see how that actually works out.

For Valentine's Day, we just waited until everyone but the oldest were in bed. I had taken the baby up earlier (he still sleeps in our room), nursed him and put him to bed. So, we did have some quiet, uninterrupted time.

If the girls (5 & 7) are up, they can't resist coming up and being in our room if we are there, but if we were going to do something while they were awake, we would make it clear that short of an emergency, they would need to stay on the main floor of the house.

When we only had younger children, we just waited until everyone was in bed. That way, I can relax and concentrate on my Beloved, and *not* on the possibility of being interrupted! :-D