Thursday, July 2, 2009

Busy, busy

So much has been going on, I don't even know what all we've been doing! :-) We've had such a busy spring. Both Will and Levi participated in track and Levi ended up going to state in 2 events. May ended with graduations and then June got going and the older 3 boys participated in a 2 week mission trip that encompassed 5 local communities. Will gave the message once in each of the 5 towns, and the 2 that we got to hear were wonderful. What a priviledge and blessing it is to hear your grown children speaking the gospel message! It was wonderful.

"Everything" ~ Will in the black, representing lust. Levi is portraying Jesus

Because of the government school graduations and the mission trip, we didn't have our open house for Will's graduation until this past Saturday, the 27th. So, for the two weeks prior to that, we were busily getting the house and yard ready for guests. We had a lovely day, with lots of guests. We had family here that we haven't seen in quite some time and lots of friends as well.
Our menu, which I'll share because it worked really well (I think we ended up with between 50-60 guests), was:
Pulled meat sandwiches (I roasted 5 roasts with onions, pulled the meat and added a bottle of BBQ sauce. Instead of "hoagie" rolls, I made hamburger buns)
Potato salad (made by Grammie)
Pasta salad
Cole slaw
Texas cole slaw
Watermelon slices
Veggies with ranch dip (radishes out of our garden, mini peppers ~ red, orange and yellow, baby carrots, and snow peas)
Corn Chips and Layered Mexican Dip
Watergate salad
And we ordered a beautiful cake from Costco.

Here's Will with his cake

My Beloved is still out of work ~ That makes 6 months now. God has been so faithful! Last month, I didn't know how we were going to make our house payment. We had enough in the account in May, but then had to pay the power bill, and so we just didn't have the money for the mortgage. So, I started to pray, "God, I know you can make the house payment. I don't know how, but I know that you can do it." We went to church one Sunday, and our pastor pulled Mike aside and told him he wanted our house payment information because someone wanted to make our house payment for us! Mike told him no, that we were fine. :-O But, our pastor insisted, telling him that these folks wanted to bless us in this way, and that it would be a blessing to them as well. When Mike told me about it after church, I said, "You can't say no to God answering my prayer!"

God has just shown us over and over how He is the one who provides for us. While I anxiously await a "real" job for Mike, in the time being, God is providing odd jobs to help meet expenses, and providing money through gifts that folks are leaving at church for us. We are humbled and so thankful for His provision.

So, that's at least part of what has kept me away from my blog lately. :-) I will try to do better about posting. I am hopeful that July and August won't be quite as busy as the spring was.

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