Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Living My Life

This may seem like a "duh" thing to write about, but it's something that my mind has been on a lot recently. Do I worry more about *looking* like my ideals or *living* my ideals? Am I more concerned about having the *appearance* of submission, or actually *being* submissive to my Beloved? Am I more concerned with what I believe modest to look like, or am I more concerned with *being* modest?

Sometimes the *looking* and the *living* overlap. As I live out submission, it should *look* like submission. As I live modestly, my clothing will reflect that. But, I can look submissive, or modest, or any number of things, and not *be* that. The other trap I can fall into is assuming that so and so isn't modest or submissive, or whatever, because their life doesn't look like *I* think it should! However, though there are probably markers of each of our "benchmarks", it is going to look different from couple to couple, and family to family.

Often we fall into the *looking* rather than the *living* because we *know* what we should be doing, but that would require change ~ which can be and often is, painful. It would require stepping out of our comfort zone and willingly allowing the Potter to mold this stiff clay. It's much easier to put on an act of submission or honor than to actually live it. Eventually people will figure out that I am not who I am pretending to be.

I want to be known as a woman who is who she is. Sometimes it's not very pretty! But I want to live my life in an honest, transparent way. I want to be molded by the Potter, even though it's painful, because the alternative is too horrible to think about. Do I really want to stay where I'm at, content in my sinful ways? No! I want to be someone who looks at others with a gracious eye, who always extends the benefit of the doubt, who always assumes the best ~ especially when dealing with a brother or sister in Christ.

I desire to be a Titus 2 Woman and all that entails not because it looks good or right, but because my Lord says that is what I am to be. This is a short rambling :-), but I pray that it strikes a chord with you.

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