Wednesday, February 14, 2007

10 Free Valentine Ideas

*Wear some yummy smelling perfume or lotion- I bought some called Body Truffles ~ smells like chocolate! If I put it on in the evening, I can still smell it in the morning.
*Leave love notes for your beloved to find. Last night, before I went to bed, I wrote a little note on a heart shaped doily and taped it to his steering wheel, so he would findit this morning. I also stuck one in his wallet and in his little paper *brain* he carries with him at work.
*Fix his favorite meal.
*Fix his favorite dessert.
*Have the children make handmade cards.
*Give him a massage. Massage his: scalp, neck and shoulders, back, legs and feet ~ or all of it.
*Don't ask him to one *chorish* sort of thing this evening ~ just let him relax and enjoy his family.
*Read love poems ~ read THE love poem of the Song of Solomon.
*Write out 10 or more things that you love and appreciate about your beloved.
*Think about something you know that he would like you to do or change, and commit to him to do it.

BONUS - Put the children to bed, and remind him WHY he loves YOU! ;-)

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