Friday, January 19, 2007

Enjoying My Man

When my Beloved got home from work today, we spent time together. The children got to say hello and interact with him some, but then we went up to our bedroom. We talked, we kissed, we played (all very innocent ~ we had the baby with us!), and we just spent some time reconnecting after having spent the day apart.

I have been trying to make more of an effort to do this when he gets home. I want him to be chomping at the bit, so to speak, by the time he gets off work. I want him to be very anxious to get home. To find not only a haven here, but a place of enjoyment and passion. I want him to feel blessed to be married to me ~ not because I'm something so special, but because I love him so much, and desire to meet his needs and enjoy him.

Sometimes, after we retire for the evening, we read the Song of Solomon together. What a wonderful book, full of romance and passion! I am so thankful that our Heavenly Father created intimacy to be enjoyed thoroughly by a husband and his wife.


helper1 said...

how wonderful to have such a blessed marriage. i know it is only by Gods grace that this happens. but, what if a woman tries to be all those things to her man and doesn't get a response? i know that we are called by God to do it anyway but after years and years of trying to be a partner together and he doesn't want it on the same level the wife does what do you do?

Mrs. Dole said...

All you can do, dear one, is keep on being the wife that God would have you be. You are responsible before God, no matter what. I encourage you to read I Peter 3. Actually, start back in Chapter 2, verse 13 and read on through 3:6. Peter did not write this to wives in an ideal situation, he is talking to wives of unbelieving husbands. Let your actions speak, and pray, pray, pray! God is a mighty God, and He will undertake for you. Whether that means He will change your husband, or you, I don't know ~ this I do know, He is Faithful and True and He wants you conformed to the image of His Son. May you be blessed as you endeavor to be a godly wife.